Privacy Policy

The Website (hereinafter referred as “The Website”) is an E-commerce platform run and operated by our company (hereinafter referred as “The Company”. Keeping security of private information of customers is critical for The Company. The Privacy Policy applies to all goods and services provided by us, defining how we will collect, analyze and use customers’ private information.

Information Collection

1.    Due to significance of private information, The Website has taken measures to guarantee that only collect necessary information could be collected to provide services and protect customers’ account. The Company will not collect unnecessary information beyond what we needed.

2.    Registration Information

While customers would like to register and become members of The Website, customers may be asked to fill a registration sheet, including but not limit to customers’ names, addresses, phone numbers and E-mail addresses.

3.    Account Information

If customers purchase goods or services through our system, The Website may collect following information, including but not limit to information involving real-name verification of credit cards, accounts, bills, delivery information and logistics information.

4.    Order Information

The Website will record and keep detail information involving customers’ activities. If customers purchase goods from The Website or trade through the system, all related information will be collected, including but not limit to information involving categories, specifications, pricing, delivery information and any disputes.

5.    Registration information, account information and order information are generally called as “private information” in the scope of recognizable private data.

6.    It shall be noted that all information needed in above links are compulsory. Otherwise, registration links could not be completed and The Website could provide goods or services to you.

7.    The Website will record and keep customers’ information involving shopping and browsing, including but not limited to IP, browser mode and behavior pattern. Besides, The Website will collect statistics data of visitors, including but not limit to information involving IP addresses, applications of browsers, operational systems, properties of software and hardware, landing pages, dialogues and numbers of independent visitors. All above data are called as “non-private information”.

Use of Private Information

If customers provide any private information to us, it means that customers authorize The Website to use those information for following purposes:

1.    Verifying identity;

2.    Verifying feasibility of becoming members of The Website;

3.    Accepting customers’ registration applications, providing registration IDs for customers and managing accounts.

4.    Providing customer services, responding consults, feedbacks, claims or disputes;

5.    Promoting communications between buyers and sellers;

6.    Analyses for improving contents, designs, services, marketing and publicity of the Website;

7.    Providing information involving notices, investigations, courier services, communications, goods and services for customers;

8.    Authorizing us to publish related information if customers offer private information through tools or communications forum;

9.    Disclosing related information for any above purposes, legal requests, any rights or potential rights;

Disclosure of Private Information

1.    After your further agreement, The Website is entitled to transfer customers’ private information for the third parties, which were employed by us, and will provide us with assistances.

2.    The Website will keep all private information provided by customers, and our employees and third parties are entitled to look up these data for all above purposes referred in from Item 1 to Item 9.

3.    We will share customers’ information with regarding banks, enforcement institutions of law, governments, supervisors or distributors. Although latest technology and inner program having been taken to protect customers’ private information away from invasion, it could not be guaranteed that these technologies or program could eradicate information disclosures, losses or abuses.

4.    We may provide statistics data to the third party, but we will not provide recognizable identity information.

Rights of Reading and Rectifying Private Information

According to related regulations, customers are entitled to look up private information we have recorded and entitled to ask us to rectify them.


Cookies are used to store all your specific information and track you visits to our website. It’s universe for website using cookies to recognize its users.

Cookies are few data having been sent to browser and stored in your hard disk driver of customers’ computer. When use same computer to visit The Website, customers’ activities will be sent to The Company’s server if cookies haven’t been activated or have been removed. The Website will know more about customers’ visits and browsers’ mode.

In general, The Website will use cookies to recognize customers’ identity in following conditions:

i)    Look up customers’ registration information or account information to reduce unnecessary re-input actions;

ii)    Collect statistics data of related users;

iii)   Analyze browser mode and assist targeted publicity according to customers’ interests;

iv)   Assist The Website’s partner to track users’ visits and process orders; and

v)    Track real-time information and participate in publicity.

Customers could decide whether accept cookies or not and how to accept cookies by amending configurations. Customers could accept all cookies or set a certain cookie to send messages to yourselves at certain moment, or refuse all cookies. In such condition, customers may be asked to enter information frequently, and may could not acquire some special functions of The Website.


Juveniles’ supervisors or parents are entitled to ask The Website to delete provided information from juveniles under the age of 18 through phone.

Security Measures

In order to keep accuracy of data and appropriate use of information, The Website has taken reasonable security measures in commerce to avert illegitimate visitors to The Website.

As a member of The Website, customers’ registration information (if any) could be look up and edit in accounts, which are protected by password. It is suggested that customers’ password shouldn’t be disclosed to any person. Customer service staffs will absolutely not consult customers’ password through phones or E-mails.

Please do not save login information (e.g. user name and password) if you share computer with other people. It shall be noted that please log out and close windows of browsers.

Any transfer of data on the Internet is not absolutely safe. Therefore, The Website still could not guarantee security of any information to us. Customers shall be liable for such risks.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective as of (add date) and will remain in effect except with respect to any changes in its provisions in the future, which will be in effect immediately after being posted on this page.

We reserve the right to update or change our Privacy Policy at any time and you should check this

Privacy Policy periodically. Your continued use of the Service after we post any modifications to the

Privacy Policy on this page will constitute your acknowledgment of the modifications and your consent to abide and be bound by the modified Privacy Policy.