Knit Beret Sweet Bow

The comfortable and alluring sweet-bow knit beret lends charm to users by combining perfect color scheme with novel design on the basis of choice material. It is very easy to forge fashion look with the unique accessory. 

Washing methods:
1. Place the knit beret in laundry bag. 
2. Start the wash cycle on cold.
3. Add a cap of liquid soap or detergent.
4. Rinse it in clean water. 


SKU BC-0055
Material Dacron
Diameter 28cm
Regulating Belt Yes
Elastic Yes
Size M(56-58cm)
Yellow Knit Beret
  • Yellow Knit Beret
  • Wine Knit Beret
  • Black Knit Beret
  • Brick Red Knit Beret
  • Coffee Knit Beret
  • Grey Knit Beret
  • Apricot Knit Beret