Vintage Wool Hat

When it comes to a dotted wool hat or wool beret, many trendsetters will top them to matching fashionable outfits. It’s also simple for green hands to keep up with trends in short time. All customers will rejoiced at choice berets from the selection.


Care instructions:
1. Prioritize hand washing.
2. Use cool or warm water.
3. Do not rub
4. Let it air dry.


SKU BC-0043
Material Woolen Felt
Diameter 26cm
Regulating Belt Yes
Elastic No
Size 56-58cm
Pink Felt Beret
  • Pink Felt Beret
  • Black Felt Beret
  • Red Felt Beret
  • Grey Felt Beret
  • Light Blue Felt Beret
  • Camel Felt Beret