Wool Beret Plaid

Fashionistas could top plaid wool beret or plaid wool hat, which meet various demands in different occasions. Berets add a fashionable element and leave refreshing appearances to people around you. Bravo!


Warm Tips:
1. Clean dust with soft hat brush.
2. Use dark-colored bristles to clean dust.
3. Or gentle strike it to dislodge dirt.
4. Lint roller could also be use to clean it.


SKU BC-0046
Material Woolen Felt
Diameter 26cm
Regulating Belt Yes
Elastic No
Size 55-58cm
Blue & Red Knit Beret
  • Blue & Red Knit Beret
  • Black & Grey Knit Beret
  • Grey & Khaki Knit Beret
  • Beige & Khaki Knit Beret
  • Blue & Red Knit Beret