Shipping and Delivery 

After orders are placed, we need two or three workdays to prepare goods for customers. Parcels will be shipped after quality verification according to courier services selected by customers. 
Two courier services are available now: 


The courier service is convenient and favorable. Parcels could be delivered in 20-40 days or so; please note that delivery time could be delayed at peak time. 



First Weight: 0.1 kg

First Weight Price: $5.23

Additional Weight: 0.05 kg

Additional Weight Price: $0.5 


The courier service is swift but expensive. Parcels could be delivered in 5-10 days after shipment. 
The Website will send E-mails to customers after parcels been shipped, so that customers could track real-time information by themselves.



First Weight: 0.4 kg

First Weight Price: $17

Additional Weight: 0.2 kg

Additional Weight Price: $3.3


Website of tracking real-time information:


Customer service staffs will send E-mails to customers if goods could not be delivered to designated address. 
The Website shall be liable for postage if parcels failed to deliver in frame time. 
Customers shall undertake obligations for postponed delivery if customers fall to provide sufficient information involving delivery addresses. 


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